Transferring line-spaced information to the other page one after another

  • It is not urgent but I ask for your help in a matter of urgency. I was unable to transfer some of the information on the payroll page to other pages one after another. If you want, can you help me to transfer to other pages at once with the button?

    I would like to thank all the friends in the forum and present my respects.

  • Possibly...

    If I've been helpful, let me know. If I haven't, let me know that too.

  • For speed I would use AutoFilter depending on the data layout. This code can be adapted

  • I've deleted all formulas in "Banka" because the macro will put the info in.

    I got rid of the "Merge & Center" in "Banka" row 31 and "ASGBORDRO" row 40.

    DO NOT USE MERGE & CENTER. Use Center Across Selection instead.

    I've moved "TOPLAM" from "Banka" B31 to F31 and used "Align Text Right" in F31.

  • Thanks for letting us know.

    Very much appreciated.

    Good Luck.

    If the previous code is too slow, this should be faster.