if username is selected and password match that name must show on sheet

  • Hi to all

    i want to adjust it with my sheet so please help with the following

    Normally when we create a userform one uses a listbox to select something e.g a name.

    when the name is selected, it transfers it to a sheet. i now want when u login using a password login form that name should appear on a sheet in the excel workbook.

    i am uploading such a form

    i want if a name is selected e.g Jan1, the name Jan1 must also appear on sheet3 cell D5 for example.

    the reason for this is there will be a userform so i dont want users to choose someone elses name when they open it.

    everyone will be able to change their passwords at the beginning and when you print out your sheet at the end of the day, your name must appear there.

    kind regards

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  • Your code could be more efficient, take a look at my password form. You've even got a block of code duplicated.

    I can't see a login button unless it's the submit button but there is no code that I can see to process what happens when the correct user password is provided.