Excel Combobox

  • I've created a form to use at work where you can search for items needed from our stock catalog. My problem is that I have multiple comboboxes and when you begin to search the combobox above it opens its dropdown list and interferes with the active one. I followed a tutorial online but my end product is quite different than the tutorial as it had only one combobox. I've attached my spreadsheet so it can be looked at as I'm sure that I wouldn't explain the problem clearly enough with my limited knowledge of excel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • The combobox is searchable like google. When I go to type in the second combobox that is when I get the interference. Try typing bandage and select an option then try typing gloves in the second combobox.

  • As shown in the below image, I entered glove in the first drop down, the various selections appeared, I clicked on a selection then pressed ENTER.

    The drop down closed.

    I performed the same motions with the second drop down.

    Still no issue here.


  • I too do not understand why it works here and not there.

    One difference I see on your end ... the drop down is not displaying the entire inventory of gloves. Here, the entire inventory is displayed

    and I have the ability to choose which item I want.

    Don't know if this will make any difference but ... I'll attach the workbook here for you to use. Maybe something changed

    in the sending of it back and forth ???

    Digital MMR5.xlsm