Printing an excel sheet then changing the numbers on there and printing again

  • Hi. Brand new to Macros. I have been looking at this all day trying many different ways but I cannot figure out why this wont work.

    So I have a sheet that I would like to change 2 boxes in, print then change the 2 boxes, print then change the 2 boxes, etc. I have found a way to do that with a list array but I am working with large quantities and already have the data in a sheet for it to pull. One thing I have noticed is that in the "Watches" Window for some reason it is not defining the array using the range I am using and I have no idea why? I have added notes trying to determine exactly what I am trying to do and where its going wrong (comments are not the issue I promise). It will run add the first Asset Tag but no serial numbers and it loops through. Never changes the asset tag, printing each time giving me 145 of the sheets with just the first asset tag. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Here is the code:

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  • 2 column 145 rows. is that at 2D array? i didnt think so becuase the first number corrsponds to the second and then we are just moving down the list?

  • elang - welcome to Ozgrid. Please read the Forum Rules tounderstand how to use the Forum correctly. You will se why I have added code tags to your post.

    Sorry I am new! But I also fixed it! I would like to thank jolivanes for helping me look at it a differnet way. Heres what it ends up looking like:

    A lot easier than i thought. I was over thinking it