Distances Miles, furlong and yards, into Yards

  • Hi All,

    I in cell A I have a list of distances like 5f11y, 1m1f130y etc, and I would like to convert into B2 the distances as Yards. Like this.

    Anybody know the code.

    Someone asked a similar question but was the other way around and this code worked for them.

    =INT(A1/1760)&IF(INT(A1/1760)<=1," mile "," Miles ")&TEXT(((A1/1760)-INT(A1/1760))*1760,"##")&IF(((A1/1760)-INT(A1/1760))*1760<=1," yard"," Yards")

    I need it the other way around with the furlongs added.

    Thank You

    Distance Yards
    5f11y 1111
    1m1f130y 2110
  • Bit of a kludge, but how about

    Used in B2


  • As a function...

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