Copying values from a dynamic table to specified cells using macro

  • Hi guys, I have been creating a macro to run loops for solver tool based on dynamic drop down list (string). The function to be minimised has eight variables and I have multiple combinations of the these values present in an alternate sheet (dynamic table). Now every time when a entry from the dropdown is selected all these combinations has to be pasted in the cells in loop and output has to be generated and pasted before moving to the next entry in the drop down. I have created a loop for running the solver based on drop down, but how to create an loop function inside the existing one to achieve the later.

    Any help would be really appreciated, Thanks

  • Hi Roy,

    There is a dynamic table with rows entries for bychange cells (G8 -G15) In sheet 2. Now when one entry from the dropdown list is selected ,the values from this table has to pasted one by one and output from solver has to be pasted in a seperate sheet. This loop has to occur for all the entries in the drop down list. Hope this clear and I'm a beginner so any would help