copy data from multiple workbook to one worksheet

  • Dear Team,

    I am having data on multiple workbook ( Source 1.xlsx, Source 2.xlsx, Source 3.xlsx, Source 4.xlsx, Source 5.xlsx). I want copy that datas's to Destination.xlsm sheet1.

    For example, Source 1.xlsx Sheet "20" data's are entered up to Feb-20 month and that is copied to Destination.xlsm sheet1. If I add data's on Mar-20 (Column G) on Source 1.xlsx, when i click the copy data button it should copy the Mar-20 value only and update on Destination.xlsm (Column G) . It should not copy and overwrite the previous month values.

    You can refer the Sample.xlsx file for how the values to update on Destination.xlsm file.

    I attached all my files here for your reference.

    Kindly do the need full for this

  • Dear Team,

    I had created some code. It is copying data from multiple file. But there is some problem.

    1) Once the value is copied to destination file again it wont paste that data to destination file. If there is any new value available on my source file that new data only past to destination file as where the same name available

    For example if i enter the value on Feb-20 month (column F), it should copy that value only to my destination file Feb-20 month (column F).

    2) if any one of the field is blank on my source file here also this should update as blank. The values should update as per my source file one by one.

    I attached my files here for your reference.

    My code is here

    Note: I have total 20 files for copy data to my destination file. I had mentioned here only 3 files for sample

    Kindly help me to solve this issue