Hyperlink and Vlookup function

  • Hi, I'm looking to use the HYPERLINK and VLOOKUP Functions to hyperlink to a cell on another worksheet. I have a worksheet (DATA) with document numbers in column 'O', and a worksheet (DRN) with a list of document numbers in column 'B'. I want to hyperlink the document number in column 'O' of the DATA worksheet and it take me to the document number in the 'DRN' worksheet. I typed in the formula


    but it just says 'cannot find file'. Can you help me to get this to work please?

  • Understood.

    I also tried:

    1. =HYPERLINK(CELL("address",INDEX(DRN!$B:$B,MATCH(O2,DRN!$B:$B,1),1)))

    It showed me the address but the hyperlink still didn't work.

    Is there a VBA code where when I enter a document reference on column 'O' it creates the hyperlink to the corresponding document referenced in the other worksheet?