Data Validation and Formula in the same cell

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to have an if statement and if the statement is false then have a data validation list in the same cell?

    I have a form where the user needs to select a product - each product has a code and description.

    Some users prefer to choose the product by code and others by description - but both need to appear on the form - I can't have the validation lists for both of them as then the user might select the description which does not match the code.

    So, if the user chooses to select the product by Code, then I was hoping to do an if statement in the cell where the description should be - if the cell where the code is supposed to be is not blank then do a vlookup for the description, but if the cell of the code is blank then have the data validation list with the below options - and the other way round.

    Code Description

    SKU1 Apple

    SKU2 Pear

    SKU3 Banana

    SKU4 Grape