Adjust VBA Code to work with Apple Mac

  • hi, I have created the attached VBA form with the help from this forum and its been put into use.

    The form is centrally shared and is being used a number of users. However, few of the users have Apple MAC and it doesn't seem to be working for them.

    Is there any way that the code could be adjusted to work with MACs as well please?


    • Form VBA.xlsm

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  • You'll have to pretty much completely rebuild it, as you are using activex controls on your form sheet and Macs don't support those at all. You'll need to switch to Form controls and amend the code as needed.

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  • Thanks for your advice Rory.

    I have changed the form completely as attached.

    Is there a shorter code for the validation part of the code? I rather liked the short code for this in my previous version, but I couldn't figure it out how to adjust that part of code to work with this new form.