Transferring Word Table Cell Contents to Outlook Body

  • I am developing a system that assesses educational results in Excel and sends out emails to students. The text in the emails has to contain hyperlinks (so the students can drill down into pertinent information). The users also want to change the standard text blocks fairly often. Therefore, I have put the text into Table Cells in a Word Document. The Excel part of the program identifies which Table cell is appropriate and adds pertinent keywords into the text in that cell (Find and Replace). This works fine and it is calling the right cell content in the Word document and making the appropriate text changes. The problem is that I cannot copy and paste or transfer just the content of the Word Table cell (keeping the original hyperlinks in the text but not the cell itself) into the body of the automatically created email message. I have managed to get it to place the text from the Word cell into the email.body but this loses the hyperlinks. I have also tried Inspector and WordEditor related code but this does not seem work either (perhaps I am missing something).

    So here are the two queries: (1) How do I copy or instantiate just the content of the Word table cell, and (2) How do I then paste/include that into the Outlook Message body, so it is just the content of the cell (and not the cell), so it contains the text including the hyperlinks?

    If someone could please give me some advice it will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.