Increasing Cell Space on Interactive Calendar

  • Hi All,

    Apologies in advance for my ignorance on a lot of this, but I have this calendar started that automatically inputs items onto the calendar based on the list compiled on tab 2. However, instead of having 6 lines available on the calendar, I'd like to have half as many by combining the cells to have 3, larger spaces for each date so that the text can wrap and fit the entire task name.

    I WILL be eliminating the Phase (E1) that is adding to the length on the calendar, but I know how to do that part.

    I just don't know the quickest, easiest way to make each date a 3 section allowance and maintain the formula integrity.

    Again, sorry if this is small fries or if the question is unclear. I attached the spreadsheet I am working with for your reference. I appreciate all the help that can be given!