Sorting 100+ Sheets based on Cell Value

  • Hey Everyone,

    I am a Buyer for a company that has been using some old software. Currently, our order forecasts generate in a PDF and we print 100s of pieces of paper out weekly, write by hand based on a value what the vendor is, and then write the name of the buyer who it belongs to and sort it out. I have figured out how to export the report into excel so each page is its own sheet. I then figured out how to make it so the same cell (H1) on each sheet displaying the buyer names (Dustin, Ryan, Brendan). What I am looking for is a way to sort/print the sheets based on buyer. I've looked through old threads that are very similar and might have the answer, but I'm awful at VBA. Any ideas? I will accept whichever macro is easiest. Sorry I am sure there are old threads with the answer, but I'm struggling to manipulate the macro's to fit my specific needs. Thanks!

  • That's not a good way to do it.

    You need to create a table on one sheet and a form style sheet for filling in with formulas from the data sheet. An example of whay you have now would hel