Automatically copy text to another sheet that contains data from formulas

  • I hope I can explain this question clearly - apologies for the amateur hour. I've attached an example of the spreadsheet for clearer reference.

    Is there VBA code that will take data from one sheet that is created by formulas ("Budget Use Only") and automatically paste it as TEXT to a separate sheet ("Upload - Budget Use Only")? I need it automatically transferred as text as it will be an upload into another software. I'd like it to paste open-ended (if possible) so no matter how much is entered on the other sheets it will continue (if not able, at least 500 rows as a range).

  • Hi,

    1. Sub CopyBUO()
    2. Dim rngSource As Range, rngDest As Range
    3. Worksheets("Budget Use Only").Activate
    4. Set rngSource = [A1].CurrentRegion.Resize([a:a].Find("", , xlValues, xlWhole, xlByColumns).Row - 1)
    5. Set rngDest = Worksheets("Upload - Budget Use Only").[A1].Resize(rngSource.Rows.Count, rngSource.Columns.Count)
    6. rngDest.Value = rngSource.Value
    7. rngDest.Worksheet.Activate
    8. End Sub

    Budget Adjustment Template (VBA) v1.0.xlsm