Extracting Information From A Linked File

  • Hi,

    I am trying to write some code that will allow me to perform checks on a file containing linked data (queries). My objective is to copy across the data source from 1 file over to a cell in the main file for verification.

    The linked data is output from SQL in a CSV format but the filename needs to be verified on a monthly basis to ensure that the source hasn't changed.

    Is there an easy way of doing this?

    Happy to provide more information if needed.


  • You should be able to open it in an excel file if it is a csv. The file itself should be separated by delimiters such as a space or , or special character like the :. what exactly do you mean that the source has not changed? you might not need VBA at all you might be able to do that with formulas. You can be able to pull in the information and if it changes be able to see it change in a cell with a formula but i don't understand it all I am just brainstorming that is all.