Create multiple workbooks of a master workbook by changing one dynamic cell

  • Hi Guys,

    I have one Master excel file (with multiple dynamic cells), I want to change one cell (B1) in this file and create multiple static iterations (around 70) of this master file.

    The numerical value that goes into cell B1, is a list in another excel file (column A) - the macro would need to run through this file, I guess.

    Can anyone please help? Thank you !

  • Hey GlennTk,

    Thank you for your time.

    I have 70 companies (with different company codes). I have a list of the codes in one excel file.

    Then I have the financial template (Master file). I want to enter the company code in this template and save a copy of it. As this master files has a lot of links, the copy that is saved should be only Values (static).

    And 70 such copies would be made for each company.

    Please let me know in case you have any other questions. Thank you.