Copying Row from from 1 sheet to another (using a checkbox).

  • Hello all,

    Maybe you can help me as well?

    First, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place.

    I am learning VBA and checkbox (checkbox) is difficult for me.

    I have a workbook with a lot of sheets. However, I need help with 2 sheets.

    Sheet ("Alert XX.XX.XXXX" (the XX.XX.XXXX always change to the day when the button Save File is clicked) have a table with 5 columns I wish to copy to Sheet("Alert XX.XX.XXXX (Level 2)") using a button or when the checkbox on Column M is checked (however only the information in the row that have the checkbox checked to need to be copied).

    I am trying all the code I can find, but nothing works the way I need.

    I even tried to use only excel formulas, and I still could not get it right.

    In the end I could use a simple code to copy and past and assign a Macro on it (the code works only if a run through F8 or F5 but not through the button).

    Plus have in mind the tab name always change according to with who is using it and when I was trying to use in the code the "real name (the name in VBA)" of the sheet, however, I get an error all the time, and it only works if I use the tab name.

    The checkbox is what I really need, but I am already happy if the button assigns to each row on column M works and the name of the sheets is not the Tab name like "Alert XX.XX.XXXX" but instead it will be "Alert"

  • I missed the code

  • Try the attached file. I have deleted the check boxes in column M and have replaced them with a drop down containing the letter "X". Simply click on cell M2 and select the "X".


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  • Hi,

    Mumps, Thank you for taking the time to help me.

    It works perfectly and I had no idea I could use this option.

    During the day I kind of managed to put together a code with the checkbox and it is working as well

    Thank you so much for your time,