Re-Transfer Row from Listbox to another sheet VBA

  • Hello Sir, I have read and tried to apply a thread here according to the subject I wrote again above but I get a problem that appears 'could not find the specific object' and debug it in Me ("TextBox" & iX - 1). Value = .List (.ListIndex, iX - 1).

    beg for your help, every help is very valuable to me

  • this looks like it is part of a "with" instruction, really need to see the rest of the code to fix it.

    it should be something like:

    1. With Me.ListBox1
    2. Me.Controls("TextBox" & iX - 1).value = .List(.ListIndex, iX - 1)
    3. End With

    where listbox1 is your object of interest.

    You will get a moderator upset if you do not wrap your code in code tags, don't forget to read the rules.



  • apologize profusely sir, I'm still new in Excel VBA issues.

    I will present the rest of the code with your suggestion:

  • If you want to copy the data at the same time you fill the textboxes you could try:

  • Try this:

  • Hi RI,

    I made a couple of changes, there were a couple of errors popping up as I had not set the application.match function only return exact matches, I have added a line to format the column with the ID and the first column now copies a formula to track the row rather than copying the value.

  • Cool, Mr. Justin, this is perfect.

    honestly I am very proud to be joining this group and very grateful to get an answer to my problem.

    Once again, thank you very much, Mr. Justin.

    Mr. RO, I apologize in advance, I work at the Village Government agency. The data I sent was a sample from the Population Master Book, sir.