Copy range of cells to internet

  • I have a sheet with masterbills (airfreight) in columns & wants these to be copied to Internet Explorer, example range below only from G6 to G8

    you can put "A" in G6, "B" in G7, "C" in G8 to try..

    I want to open the same webpage with the contents of G6, open new tab with contents of G7 ....

    My code :

    This opens 4 tabs of Internet Explorer & it copies the contents of the cells, but, the contents are always pasted in the first opened tab iso each tab

    How can i resolve this & is it possible to click on 'track direct' ?

    Also how to select the range from G6 till the last non-blank cell ?

    Kind regards,

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  • Acknowledged. And for every aggregate, how would you want the forecasts of three hundred and sixty five days to be placed? In one sheet appended under every? In this situation, I can point out the aggregate in column A and B, so that it's easy so that it will clear out. Sounds good?

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