Clear contents based on match to another cell or last cell in the row

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    I have an organization chart that is several levels deep, so that rows have varying number of columns. One row may have 15 columns, another row may have 16 columns, etc. The lowest level in each row is the employee's name, which I want to eliminate, because I have it in the 2nd column. I'm not sure, since the columns vary, if it's best to do this based on a find, or if it's possible to loop through each row, find the last column with data in it and clear the contents of that cell, then proceed to the next row. If that is possible, then I don't need column S and the range would be columns A through R. If a match is needed, in column S, I used a formula to get the value of the last cell in the row, and then copy/pasted as values. I will get this report on a month basis and will need to run a macro to do this every month.

    I would love suggestions for both options if they are both possible, but really need at least one solution here.

    Thanks so much!


  • Do you simply want to delete the cells with the red text or the names in column S ? Please clarify what you want to do referring to specific cells, rows and columns.

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