Font Color Recognition

  • Hello

    Im building a takeoff and quoting spread sheet template

    I have 3 Sheets

    Sheet 1- Has 15 font colors that each will represent a specific material. There are 200 possible cells. Each cell will have a value where the font color will correspond to what the material is for that cell. Each font color is then grand totaled.

    Sheet 2 - inputs the grand totals of each individual font color from sheet 1 into another formula to come up with a price (that price also is marked with the same corresponding font color.).


    sheet 3 - Need to take each individual cell total from sheet 1 (possible 200) and multiply it by the corresponding font color price that was generated on Sheet 2. That total I need to display in a cell on sheet 3 (possible of 200 cells). Can someone figure this out? Please and Thanks!