VBA Macro to Save each Excel sheet in a workbook as its own separate PDF based on the Value in a Cell D9 on each sheet

  • Dear Carim,

    Just finished my morning meetings and catch up work and I am about to start looking at the codes that you have very kindly written for me.

    In answer to your question, I guess you must be regretting answering my first question as I am not the most professional up on my lingo person to chat with and my query has not been straight forward and has taken a lot of messages 8|

    That said I am most grateful that you have taken the time to help me, you are very kind

  • Hi Carim, again

    I have managed to get the program working on my friends PC by indeed changing the file saving path, still can't find the route naming path in the Mac but I am not too worried as the Mac is set up differently and all the page setting are out so we will only use the program on the PC and laptop.

    Regarding re-naming the sheets. I currently have a VBA code that names the tabs/sheets but only updates if I click into the sheet, this is my VBA code

    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

    Set Target = Range("H9")

    If Target = "" Then Exit Sub

    Application.ActiveSheet.Name = VBA.Left(Target, 31)

    Exit Sub

    End Sub

    in answer to your question, I have created a master workbook to have 40 sheets, wew open the master, save as a job name and use, if we need more then we go back to the master and save another workbook by job name part 2 etc. sometime we wont need all 40 sheets but I am happy to let the program run and delete what isn't needed if that simplifies things.

    I am just loading your Sub RemanePlots script now to see what result I get

    Thank for sending it to me :thumbup::)

    I would love to say thanks via the icon but I don't have the icon in the bottom right hand corner just a black triangle with an ! in side it, sorry

  • Hi Carim,

    I have tried your code but because I have most of my sheet locked to stop anyone fiddling with it, alas your code cant work :(

    Thanks for trying though, your a star