"Hidden" Cells

  • Not sure if this is wholly appropriate here as it's nothing ground-breaking. I did to a search to see if I could find this already posted but I couldn't so appologies again if this is redundant information.

    Anyway, to the tip. Yesterday I accidentally came across some very bizzare behaviour in Excel that actually could potentially be useful for some people if they want to hide cells. I've attached an example workbook to see it in action, but the basic gist of it is:

    1. Enter some values in a few cells.

    2. Merge a separate area of cells with the same dimensions (rows, columns).

    3. Copy the merged cell and then paste the format over the area you want to hide.

    4. For some reason doing this doesn't make excel collapse all the values into one cell so it's as if those cells still exist as separate entities but are no longer visible. These values can then be referenced in formulas.

    Like i say, hardly ground-breaking and I must confess I have not found an explicit use for it yet myself but I thought it was quite an interesting excel glitch that may actually help someone :)

    See attached file for a little demo