List football game combinations for betting

  • Hi,

    My neighbour has learning difficulties and because I use computers, he asked me if I could make him something to help with his football betting. He likes to place a football/soccer bet on as Saturday, just for fun and interest, but he loses track and gets confused. I am looking to make something that will list all game combinations for him, based on options for each game home win (H) draw(D) and (A)way win. Some games will have just one indicator and others could have 2, or 3. I have programmed in vba before, but for the life of me I cannot come up with a suitable solution.

    To recap.

    1) The list will always have 12 matches

    2) each match will have a W D or A indicator or multiples there of

    3) Need to output to another sheet in workbook all combinations of 12 teams and all single entries of A D or W (No duplicate matches with the same results)

    I would really appreciate any advice, I'm not as sharp at thinking as I was when I was well, unfortunately I have suffered severe illness and I'm still recovering. Thank you so much for looking. I have included an example of the data type to give a clearer indication.

    Kind regards

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