Named Ranges and Drop Down Lists

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm very new to this page, so first off I will introduce myself. My name is Matt and I been working with Microsoft Office for a few years now. I received my Masters Certificate about 6 months ago. I create a very in depth spreadsheet for Daily Fantasy Sports purposes. I create player projections, algorithms and player ratings.
    I'm not sure if this topic is going to be posted in the right thread, I chose Excel general and not formulas because it technically isn't about formulas, but named ranges and drop down lists.
    So like I just said, I create spreadsheets for Sports. The goal I am trying to achieve is creating a drop down list in Cell D4 for the Team names. Then when I select a team, it give me the players of the team starting in Cell D10... I have the player lists defined as a name range, and I have the list of teams defined as a name range as well. I can get the Drop Down list to give me the teams, But I just cant figure out how to be able to get the players inserted when I select the team name.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated...

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    Attaching a sample file to illustrate your problem ... would help a lot ;)

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  • I'm new here, I couldn't figure out how to send the file.. but this is an example image...
    In cell D4 is where I have a drop down box to select a Team Name... the teams name list is in column O
    I have that defined as the Name Range --- =TMS
    Im trying to get the players names listed starting at D10 when selecting the Team Name from the drop down box.
    Right now the Drop Down box just has the list of TM names...
    But I want it to... if I pick ATL... it gives me all the players from the Team ATL...
    I have put the players into named ranges for the TM name as well... I selected all the players for ATL and defined that name range as ATL... and BOS players named range is BOS

  • I actually just figured it out... I just needed to put the formula... =indirect in the cell E10 and it gave me the player list. At first I was trying the cascaging drop down, but it gave me a drop down list in cell e10... but that made me have to change each rows player... this way it just gives me every player... Thank you so much for trying to help. appreciate it!!

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    I did read through the rules... didn't give any instructions on adding a file, Figured a simple picture was doable. I apologize.

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