• FORM-5.xlsm

    I would like to know if it is possible to add a combo Box an existing Command Button so that when the AddNew cmdButton is press it shows up along with the other Data on the list box provided

    i am sending a copy of the data entry user form that will be used

  • Additem is not an efficient way to load a combobox like that.

    If you want to fill the screen then add this code to the initialize event

    1. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    2. ''/// Adjust UserForm to Excel's window size
    3. With Me
    4. .Height = Application.Height
    5. .Width = Application.Width
    6. .Left = Application.Left
    7. .Top = Application.Top
    8. End With
    9. End Sub

    What exactly are you trying to do, the whole code doesn't make sense to me.

    Why are you using the controlsource for TextBoxes?

  • I've tried working with your userform but the size is a hindrance. the controls all want resizing as well as the form, I would suggest starting again but make the form a usable size.