Can you look at this code please

  • Hi,

    I have found a code but i cant get past a certain point.

    Here is the code.

    Can somebody please upload a file for me to look at as the line that fails every time for me is,

    With Sheet1.QueryTables(1).ResultRange

    Many thanks

  • Hello,

    A UserForm Initialize procedure ... cannot be floating around alone ... without an Excel file ...

    Feel free to attach your file

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  • Hi,

    Maybe i should advise first just in case im wrong & there is an easy solution to the existing working code in use ??

    When i search in textbox 1 the listbox is populated.

    I select a name from the listbox & the name in question is then selected on the worksheet.

    This works fine PROVIDING column C is sorted A-Z

    Lets say the worksheet is sorted in column B then i search on the userform,select from listbox etc then that name is selected on the worksheet.

    The problem i have is that looking at the listbox the name isnt correctly first in the list as i can scroll up through the listbox & there are many entries before the one shown.

    The reason why this one was shown as first position is because its the first of that type in column C

    This is the same result for any column BUT if column C is sorted A-Z then the list box shows the correct first entry.

    Does this make sense ?

    There might be a fix for the code supplied in use.

    The code i originaly started to play with was so i could collect the names in column C & sort on another sheet A-Z then load into listbox

  • Here is the file that i was playing with to get it working before i add it into my main sheet etc

    My goal is to copy information from the main worksheet.

    Create a new sheet.

    Paste the copied information.

    Sort A-Z

    Load this info on the userform.

    Delete new sheet.

    Now when i search the worksheet can be unsorted because we sorted the required information on the newly created sheet.

    Have a nice day