myExtra entreprise 7.11 window and MS Excel 2010 - Macro to interact.

  • Good morning ! :)

    First tk's for this forum that help to deploy the knowledge and share experiences !

    I have a myExtra entreprise 7.11 window and MS Excel 2010.

    I would like to interact, between the two programs.

    I mean extract datas from the myExtra session, to be copied/stored in MS Excel 2010sheet and to copy MS Excel 2010 cell content into the Extra session. So use a Macro in MS Excel 2010 to input/output datas toward/from myExtra session.

    I find some code examples :

    "...Set Sess0 = System.ActiveSession

    Sess0.Screen.SendKeys ("1234")

    Sess0.Screen.WaitHostQuiet (g_HostSettleTime)

    Sess0.screen.OIA.XStatus =..."

    Do we need to use a macro *.EBM in Extra, and a shellexecute (API) or does MS Excel 2010 can directly interact with the myExtra ?

    Do you have/know some tutorial to start with ?

    And last, It seems it is possible to copy a entire screen of my Extra in excel and them to rearrange datas in Excel. It may be faster than copy/paste between both programs ?

    Tk's very much !!!

    JJ :|