Dashbored where he take stairs

  • Hello All

    Please I need your help in accomplishing this challenge. i am trying to make a dynamic chart where a business man take steps in a stairs

    i have built the steps chart but from simple table but i don't know how to link investors table to this chart.

    in the dashboard i made a slicer for the name list of investor and i want to be able when i press the investor name to show me which stage he at in the stairs chart

    i have attached the chart for more explanation...


  • Lets say investor : Company 1 he is in procurement Stage .

    It should automatic write 3 in # for man running column

    and in chart reflect the business man picture in procurement stage

    Stages # for steps # for Stages # for man Running
    Register 0 1  
    DS due diligence 1 1  
    hold/cancelled 2 1  
    Procurement DD 3 1 3
    prefeasibility 4 1  
    business case 5 1  
    Graduated 6 1  
  • Your requirement is not easy to understand ... but (and I am really guessing here), if you want to calculate what stage a company is at, then covert each stage entry into the stage number, and test the max of that field for a company?

    Cheers, Glenn.

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