Looking for a hyperlink in a specific cell in a specific row

  • Hi! New to Visual Basic in general thanks to my new work.

    Well, im not that bad at actual coding by looking for examples and other sources but this is getting on my nerves. Im trying to look for a hyperlink in a table with the help of the serial code of it.

    For example, in a menu sheet where all the buttons will be set up, i have a cell with the number already known and i want to search that same number (like 917) in a table that has all the codes in the A column.

    Then i need to get a hyperlink that is saved in a cell from the same row that the code is saved.

    Here are some images for reference:

    Im using the code there and with the button click...

    I need to open the hyperlink asociated with it. Its alright to just get it in a variable in the code to then open it later. Its just that i cant get to go into the hyperlink.

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