• I need to develop a rolling rota for our service. We have 9 staff and cover a 24/7 service days and nights. All staff are full time 37.5 hrs per week although this is flexible over a 4 week period. 2 staff will be floating to cover AL, sickness, SD etc.

    We have 2 sites to cover one requires only 12.5 hr days 4 days one week and 5 the next variable as they have a perminant member of staff working 3 days one week and 2 the next.


    The 2nd site requires 12.5 hr days 08.00-20.30 and 12.5hr nights 20.00-08.30.

    Minimal staffing of 1 per day shift

    2 Staff needed Sat and Sun days

    Only 1 member of staff needed overnight.

    Any help would be much appreciated.