Opening workbook, copying data, deleting duplicates, pasting on master worksheet, adding name of workbook in Row 1 of column

  • Hello,

    The goal of this macro is to have the master file prompt the user to select an xls file to open, pull the data from there, paste on to the master sheet from cell 2 down, delete the duplicates (the original data has spaces in between), and pull the workbook name of the source file to transfer to cell a of that corresponding column. Ideally the macro would be able to paste the data in the next empty column by I haven't gotten that far yet. Below is what I have so far:

    The master file has the file column counting the samples from Sample 1 - Sample 93.

    The Source plate 1 data is from F27:F194

    The Source plate 2 data is from F9:F194