Excel not responding

  • Good afternoon
    A colleague of mine has provided me with a spreadsheet [small 3 tabs each tab no more than 250 rows and columns to Q].
    It is a spreadsheet that is prepared each month based upon the data in the prior month sheet. It has been being used for may 5 years now.
    It had links to the prior month file and then the prior month file and so on. This seems to be a problem with Excel if too many files are linked in this manner. I have experienced it with much larger files and have now changed the way i prepare the files.
    This little file however does not want to play at all.
    I now have the file not linking to the prior month file but the prior month data [values only] in a separate tab and that is interrogated using a Vlookup formula.
    I have deleted all the rows and columns beyond the necessary data to ensure there is no erroneous data elsewhere in the spreadsheet.
    I have checked all the formulae to make sue there is not link to an external file.
    I have not copied the file to a thumb drive and opened it on another PC and the issue continues.
    I am not an IT person nor a wizard at Excel but what could i be missing.

    Any assistance or direction would be wonderful.

  • You could try saving the file as a .xlsb. These files are designed to handle large amounts of data.

    Note, your file contains an email address, which should not have been included for security reasons. Do you want this file removing so that you can upload a sanitised file?