Ignore results if already found when adding new sheets (Macro)

  • I have a macro where when I run the macro, Excel will automatically look at the contents in A2 and below, and will create a sheet with a matching name as the cell contents. If I have data in cells A2:A5 for example, and I run the macro, a new sheet will be created for each item in A2:A5 and the name will match that cell's contents.

    What I am wanting however is that if I add an item to A6 for example, and run that same macro, that the macro will Ignore and not create a sheet for the values from A2:A5 (since they already exist) and will just create the 1 new sheet matching the item in cell A6.

    My code that I'm currently using is below.


    1. Sub selectrangeofstories()
    2. Range(Range("A2"), Range("A2").End(xlDown)).Select
    3. End Sub

    and lastly