Adding a column to a Table (List Object) with an extrenal data source

  • I have a Table (ListObject) that uses an external datasource as it's source (a query against our database). I had a user delete a column and then save and close the file. Now I need to add the column back into the table, but I can't find how to get the column to bind back to the field in the query that is was originally bound to. I've refreshed, I've changed the "Refresh Control" properties, I've even created whole new table bound to the same datasource and tried to move the column from there to the original Table. I've got to be missing something very simple, because this kind of thing just can't be that tough....

    I'm running O365 16.0.11626.20234 32 bit.

  • Hi,

    Without knowing which query you are using ... it is difficult to guess what might go wrong ...

    Are you using Power Query ?

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