$40 USD - Using a Multi-Select Listbox to Apply Multiple Autofilters

  • Hi OzGrid Devs,

    I have an excel chart that I would like to be able to use Listboxes to select what inputs to filter results by. The AutoFilter function in excel doesn't have the functionality I'm looking for. Essentially, I would like up to 3 Listboxes with different parameters, with the ability to select multiple inputs in each. The filters must account for "includes" searches in cells, not just exact cell content matches.

    EXAMPLE: [INDENT]Listbox 1
    option A
    option B
    option C

    Listbox 2
    option X
    option Y
    option Z

    In this example, if I select option A, X, and Y, excel will return all lines that fit these filters.[/INDENT]

    Similar to [SIZE=22px]THIS POST[/SIZE]. This seems to address exactly what I'm looking for, but I am very new to VBA and need focused help to implement this coding into my worksheet.

    Once a developer is confident they can help me achieve this goal, I can share more details and the excel file. I will walk you through exactly which parameters and filters I am looking to achieve.

    - Nate

  • Awesome! Really appreciate your help.

    Would you be available to meet on a WebEx call so I can show you the details, then I can send you whatever files directly and we can go from there?

    Please let me know if you'd be avail to discuss today, and what times might work best for you.


  • hmmm. Webex will be difficult for me today.
    Can you send me the file (via private message if you prefer) and I'll take a look when I get back home later tonight.
    I understand what you are trying to achieve, just need to see the file to confirm how I think it can be done.