Get attributes from class module

  • Hi

    I created a number of textboxes during runtime, and added them to a collection and class module. If I click on the textbox, I can then trigger the mousedown event in the class module which first checks which of the option buttons on the same userform is selected, and based on that, change the text in the textbox to the value of the attribute that corresponds to the option button. I want to add a button to the userform that will loop through all the controls on the userform, and change the text of the textboxes to the selected option button.

    Creating the textboxes:

    The class module LoadPoints:

    I'm sure it should be easy? Thanks in advance.

    Reading now it could still be unclear... And I can likely NOT have a button, but rather when the option button is clicked, all textbox values must change to the selected option button value.

    for optTarget, the values should change to the corresponding
    LoadPointArray(TotalTXT).Target for optActuals, all the textboxes should change to
    LoadPointArray(TotalTXT).Actuals etc, etc

  • for the event to work should possibly be ....