How to copy highlighted cells to another workbook

  • I am currently building a spreadsheet using Excel Online in One Drive. The source spreadsheet has highlighted cells using colours which are user defined not conditional formatting. When I try to copy source to online version it won’t bring across cell colours.

    I know it’s possible using VBA code, my issue is Excel Online does not support VBA. Very frustrated Excel user

  • Hello,

    Do not know Excel Online ...

    1. Can you Copy ... and then PasteSpecial > All


    2. Can you perform two Copies : the first one for the Values and the second one for your Formats...

    Hope this will help

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  • If you have OneDrive then have you also got an Office365 subscription? If not I think that Office Online is similar to Google Docs and VBA will not work with it. If you have a subscription use the actual WorkBook and Collaboration to share.