$20 USD - Delete rows based off of multiple criteria - VBA.

  • Hi All,

    Looking to delete rows in a spreadsheet based off of values that are present in three different columns.
    In layman's terms, here is what I'm trying to accomplish.

    If Column B does not have a value of "BONY01" and values in Column O = 0 and Column P = 0, then delete that row.

    In other words, I only want to view records of BONY01 that have a value other than 0 in either Column O or P or both. Everything else should be deleted.

    Spreadsheet may have several thousand rows.

    I've attached a spreadsheet with an original tab and a desired results tab for clarification as well.

    Sent 10% to Oz..... Transaction ID 4N645467MA471815X Thanks in advance for the assist.

  • Do you actually want to delete the rows, or just "hide" them...?

    Edit: Sorry KjBox, go ahead. I'm too slow... as usual :(

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  • Payment received, many thanks

    Here is the code, change sheet name for your actual workbook sheet name where indicated

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