The Travelling Salesman Problem - Genetic algorithm code review

  • User interaction is key and must be intuitive to use. It’s i bit tricky and flash, excel spreadspread need to be simple concise , save time and money. The objective or intent shouldn’t be look at the fancy stuff it can do. Open it, use it, get the data and close it
    Excel may not be the platform for what it does ,, maybe in exe file or web based App?

    You know what you are doing the trick is the user easy of interaction

    Ive found VBA usually supplements a job but due to excel forums its hard to make a fully time job of excel ,, higher density areas maybe different as accountants are always suckers fo a good excel junket

    find a niche and go for it

  • I appreciate your comments, what do you do as a full time job?

    To add - I wasn't using this as something that would genuinely be used by people, just as a platform to showcase what I'm able to do.

  • AM&E Asset management and engineering, most I what I have done or we still use ( which is becoming less and less) is number crunching excel formulas are perfect engineering and also data management . Im on holidays at the moment but will post some examples if I find some on this iPad.

  • ... in having gone through the posts. To be honest I'm really not sure that there is a "VBA" based programming job anywhere. It really isn't a programming language, though it's based on one. It's a scripting language. You want to get a job programming then you need to do the other languages you mentioned., python, java, javascript, html, etc etc etc.

    Not that knowing VBA won't make you useful. It just depends on the employer and what he/she is doing. I worked for a semiconductor manufacturer for nearly 2 decades and of that the last 9 years were programming excel. Now I'm self taught on my programming I had 2 semesters in college, fortran and a rudimentary C++, class. Neither helped me with VBA except..... how to ask questions and get answers.

    Now toward the end one of my boss' also did side work as a CPA and he would bring up now and then that I could do side work making spreadsheet accounting apps for small mom/pop customers and him to help him with his duties. I was eventually laid off and .... having no tech degree just an AS in Pre-Engineering can't seem to get an IT job to save my soul, maybe I'm just an old fart. I can program vba, have done, can use postgre, mysql, sql server, access. Have passing knowledge of java and javascript. Looking now at installing python to play around with. Can you make a living with VBA yeah ... but you're not gonna find a job asking for it. Get a job.... and even in this day and age the avg user only uses 5%, imo, of excel's capability. To me I always sold the "productivity enhancement" of what I did. Make 1 app that many people can use to make smarter faster decisions.

    Good luck!

  • Hi lewisgmorris ,

    Missed the small example of how one excel workbook can same staff time sifting through csv files.

    Download and change the txt file extension to csv ( for some reason CSV will not upload)

    Down load the workbook and import the csv into the workbook.

    example of how one program produces a csv file in an unreadable format and layout but with a bit of vba code to make tools (In Ribbon) that rearranges the file to desired layout and easily readable .

    what do you think? I would be interested in your (or any one else's) comments as you never or rarely get any feedback form the end users?

  • and this example file is at another level of excel development just with excel formulas and very little vba (except iteration engine) .

    It has Custom Charts, multiple iterative circular reference calculations, catenary calculations, Burch/Hanson calculations and electrical calculation ect,,,,,