$120 - Need Help with a couple VBA codes.

  • Hi,

    Based on your answers, I have a few more questions / comments:

    • 1. Considering that you can have more that one mold per machine per day, it would be better to modify the "Weight Database Layout" in a way where there would be one column for the machine number and could be multiple rows for the same days. By doing this you have a "flat" database and you will not need to create columns every time that you add a new machine or mold. This is a much better design, however, it will not look as nice for the user. See example attached

    Yes for sure we can modify the database so that it includes that. I just reviewed the example you sent. It looks good that way.

    Let me send you what I am thinking about.

  • As you see in this picture attached, we can create 3 different column sections for the same machine which will represent the 3 different times that we can do a mold change. I want the dates and days to be fixed so that it is easier to search the database.

  • We can use zoom. it will be easier for me to explain that way so that I clear all your thoughts. I am free the whole day so please let me know if you can do this and I will call.

  • Sorry for the late reply, I am away from my computer this afternoon and will only get back home later tonight.
    I looked at your picture and understand what you want. I have an idea which, I think, will be a good compromise: there will be a tab with a "flat" database to save the data. which will make it easier for calculations, charts, etc.... and I will create a macro to generate the "nice looking" database that you propose with 3 sets of columns for each machine.