Dynamic Print Area for a Form in Excel

  • I am sort of a Excel enthusiast and have built a form in Excel and on one worksheet it contains form controls with embedded macros that add additional rows of form data fields to be completed if that is the desire of the respective user. It then needs to be printed so I needed to create a dynamic print area range. The problem: there is not one column of data that can define a height range since every column includes blank rows so I created a dynamic print area using the following definition for print area: =OFFSET(Cover!$A$1,0,0,COUNTA(Cover!$A:$AL),38). Please reference the picture, I can't figure out why it is including the area/rows between A114:AL128, there is absolutely nothing there, no formulas, data, text, etc. The only thing that may exist is some cell formatting or some named cell references used in the Macro definitions. However those are present all the way down to row 500 or something, so I would think it would select the whole worksheet if that was an issue, why stop at row 128 right?

    Any thoughts on why this is happening, it's driving me crazy that this is printing out a blank page?


  • Hello,

    You could completely delete all unwanted rows ... Save your file ... Close it .. and Re-Open it ...

    Hope this will help

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