• Hey Friends,

    I need to code a user for to capture information from users and save the information. There after the admin panel can view edit and delete the data.

    I have created the code but the only concern I have is that the file can be used by one user at time. I need to make it such a way that multiple users can work at the same time on the same form.

    For example:- It might be possible that m\10 or more users are submitting info at a same time. Similarly it is possible that 2 or 3 admin are editing the info at the same time.

    How this can be done..

    (file attached )


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    Regretfully, EXCEL is not designed to handle more than one person accessing a workbook at the same time.

    If you use the ONLINE version of Excel (ver 365) you can accomplish your goal. Or ... if you use Microsoft's ONE DRIVE service you may be able to accomplish your goal.

    Otherwise, each person would have a copy of the master workbook on their computer ... make changes to their copy ... then periodically the master workbook would
    query each person's copy and upload the changes only.

  • Hey Mate, Now i made changed and i used Database(MS Access) and i am able to work on that issue. Now the concern i am left with is a Multi level(user/admin/creator) login form. Wherein we use ms access to store data.

    I need an option of add edit remove user in admin panel.

    if db says admin then frm admin should be displayed
    else frm user to be displayed

    Sharing the file i have created. Its a single level login. I need multi level Login