Combo Box Query Search

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm just getting into using access and I've come to my first road block with the combo box query search.

    I have a table with [FirstName][LastName][EmpID] then I set a query with

    1. Full_Info: [Rank] & " " & [EMP_L_Name] & ", " & Left([EMP_F_Name],1) & " " & [Emp_ID]

    When I made my custom query using the combo box search just for last names, it worked. The problem is having people with the same name so I set the query to use the query Emp_Extended for the drop down
    I'm sure the problem is something related to the bound column and its just for asthetics that I set it up this way.
    I could have just set the query to [LastName][FirstName] [EmpID] and had 3 columns in the drop down list.

    Hopefully my question makes sense?
    I wasn't entirely sure what to search for to find the answer to the problem im having, if you could point me in a direction that would be great!

    Thank you!