Excel chart to powerpoint as animations

  • I have a some issue which probably is very easy to solve for someone who knows VBA better then me. I have done some patches based on what I have found but it does not really what I want.

    I have several *.txt-files (70) which I can open in *.xls treat the data and cause two charts. So far it all works as I want, but the issue is that I want to move/copy the two charts from first *.xls-file to the first slide of a PowerPoint next to each other. Then the next two charts from the next *.xls file be placed on the next PowerPoint slide and so on; by the end a PowerPoint file with 70 pages/slides on each slide two charts next to each other from the *.xls files.

    I guess the more beautiful solution would be to have the chart on top of each other with appear animation, so one slide/page with 70x2 charts which you can scroll between.

    My code below open a new PowerPoint file for each chart!

    I appreciate any suggestion and help to improve the code below.

    Thank you,