Using Macro to pull data from one window to another

  • THIS IS DRIVING ME MAD!!! I have the simple code that loops through a copy and paste process that will reformat a large amount of data into the format that I need it by pulling it from one file into another that has a bunch of formulas that bring up the needed data, then the macro sorts and lists the data before moving on to the next column. I have used this multiple times now; it even ran for 5 hours and produced 25000 lines of reformatted data. But now, without changing a thing except what computer I used it on, it won't recognize the other window. The code Windows("Materials Procurement - 2019 3.14.19.xlsx").Activate is used multiple times and never had any issue, but now it is bringing up Runtime Error 9, Subscript out of range. I tried going back to the original computer and it won't work there either. If someone else can see a problem please help me.

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