$40 - Count/Add multiple company records and write to new row - Need ASAP

  • $40. 10% paid to OZGrid PayPal. Need within a few hours of accepting (By 1PM EST at latest)


    1) For each unique "Vendor" name on "Bills" tab, count the number of records for the "Vendor"and write to "No. of Orders" column on "List" sheet in addition to the "Vendor" name in the "Vendor" column.
    2) For each unique "Vendor" on "Bills" tab, lookup all dates in the "Date" column and write the first and last date associated to the "First Order Date" and "Last Order Date" columns on the "List" tab.
    3) For each unique "Vendor" on the "Bills" tab, add all the values from the "Amount" column and write the total to the "Total Order Value" column on the "List" tab.
    4) For each unique "Vendor" on the "List" tab, find and write the values from "Contacts" tab and write to "List" tab. (Contacts/List) A) "Mr./Ms./..." to "Contact Name" B) "Main Phone to Telephone Number" C) "Main Email to Email Address" D) "Bill From to Address"

    Sheet should be able to accommodate later runs if records are added

    I've provided an example of Vendor's final record with the above tasks on the "List" tab for reference.

    Once accepted, will PM link to download file.