Implementing communication platform between two users (GUI)

  • Need to Implement communication platform between two users (GUI):

    Task and Structure:

    1. There are "Parts"
    2. For each Part there are "Parameters"
    3. Parameter have properties as : Units, Description, Mandatory, Operator, Range

    User1 (ask):
    1. Selecting specific "Part"
    2. Then filling the values for all its "Parameters"
    4. Is "Mandatory" selected as "Yes" , then selecting "Operator" and "Range"
    5. Next step is to submit the form , submitted form with a part and filled parameters is transmitted to User2

    User2 (answer):
    1. offering up to three solutions:
    (a) for each Paramеters adding his parameter
    (b) free text - "Solution 1", "Solution 2", "Solution 3"
    (c) attaching PDF format file
    2. Next step is to submit the form will all the data back to User1 for review

    Admin: can add, delete, modify:
    (a) Parts
    (b) Parameters with the properties
    (c) Users

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