$20 - Link record from two sheets and output specific cells - EASY

  • Need completed within a few hours...

    Will send link for workbook file once responded to post that you can start and complete this within the time frame.

    There are two tabs on an excel spreadsheet.

    - Contacts
    - Final

    The final deliverable is a completed workbook that links information from Contacts and Final tabs and writes the values to the Final tab record.

    Example of manually doing the work:
    1) From "Final" tab, copy the "Contact" ID
    2) Look up this value in "Contacts" tab
    3) Write the "First Name", "Last Name", "Email" and "Phone Number" to the matching fields on the "Final" tab.

    I did the first record on the file for example.

    There's ~4,000 records so some function or easy macro should accomplish this quickly.

    Wish to be given back a file with the work already completed.

    10% paid to OZ Grid.

  • I can look at this for you.

    It sounds easy enough so completing within a couple of hours after getting the link to the file.

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