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  • Hi All,

    On my worksheet, Range A2:A50 has data then a group number A, B, or C in column B
    using vba, how can I lookup the range A2:A50 to ensure A is shown a minimum of 10 times, and either B or C is shown a minmum of once.

    A message box to say "Selections Complete" if the criteria is met, or "Selections do not meeet requirements" if not.


  • Hi jl2509,

    Try this while on the sheet in question:



  • Hi Robert

    Just one thing, is there a way to say what is not acheived in the message box


    "Group A requirements have not been met, selections must be 10 or more"


    "Group B or Broup C requirements have not been met, selections from either one of these Groups must be more than 1"


  • Hello,

    What about the third case ... where ALL Group A, Group B and Group C do not comply with your rules ...?

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